Ikon Shock Absorber Specifications:

To determine the correct IKON spring, first take the “S” measurement of the applicable shock absorber (see diagram). Add 10 to 30 mm to this length for the correct spring length (Lo).
The solid height of the spring (Lbl) should always be smaller than the smallest length between the spring seats when the shock absorber is in full bump position and with the lower spring seat on maximum adjustment.

So, as a guide: Lbl < S – damper stroke – 35.
Lbl = minimum spring length (solid height).
S = length in-between the spring seats.
Lo = free length of the spring.
C = spring rate in N/mm (=kg/cm) and lbs/inch.
Di = Inside diameter.
d = wire diameter.

NB: All IKON spring seats are of the heavy duty

For further Shock Absorber Specifications please see:

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