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Why Ikon?

Why Ikon?

IKON SUSPENSION is a division of Proven Products. Proven Products have been specialising in the suspension business since 1962. The IKON range has a European pedigree which goes back all those years and more. IKON’s are not the average shock absorber, they feature a number of standards that make them special:


Most IKON shocks are adjustable, which means that you can influence the behaviour of your motorcycle to meet your preferences. It also means that wear can be compensated. Adjustment is available for both damping control and spring preload.


IKON’s improve the ride and handling of your motorcycle. The damping characteristics are developed for each particular application. We test and modify until we are convinced we have reached the optimum in both handling and comfort.


Last but not least, IKON’s are built to last a lifetime. Once you bought a set of IKON’s for your motorcycle, they usually will outlive it. The reason for this comes from nature of the materials used in the first place as well as the fact that all IKON shocks are rebuildable.


They are designed for a specific motorcycle or even special riding conditions. An IKON is not simply a copy of the original but a tailor made design so as to get the best result. We often custom build shocks to suit special needs such as sidecars and trailers.


Do not forget that safety is a major issue. The handling of your motorcyle is essential for safe riding. Here the qualities of the IKON shock absorber make a great contribution.

Ikon Quality:

IKON shock absorbers are produced from the finest materials, surfaces are machined to the narrowest tolerances and quality control is incorporated in all production steps. At the end of the production line every single damper is 100% dyno-tested to assure highest quality.

  1. Hardened, chromed piston rod
  2. Cast iron or sintered piston
  3. Piston rod guide
  4. Long-life seal
  5. Seamless drawn steel working cylinder
  6. Reservoir tube
  7. Flow tested foot-valve
  8. Bump stop
  9. Adjustment wheel
  10. Adjuster rod
  11. Adjustable spring seat
  12. Coil spring


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